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Improving Mormon Missionary Efforts

By Zach (commenting on wheatandtares.org) The [LDS] missionary program [needs to be fixed].  My oldest son is 13 and will be on a mission in a few years. Here is a novel idea.  Service every day until 5:00 and proselytizing … Continue reading

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LDS Church Should Fire Its Lawyers and . . . .

I’m disgusted with the LDS Church’s lawyers, lobbyists, and PR personnel.  Why can’t the Church leadership look at issues from a Christ-centered perspective and do what’s right?  Tithing money is being wasted, and for the most part, these consultants are … Continue reading

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Why Do Mormon’s Keep Throwing God “Under the Bus”?

We Mormons (particularly LDS leaders) still haven’t admitted that it was Brigham Young’s (uninspired) prejudice that initiated the black priesthood/temple ban.  And that it was subsequent (uninspired) presidents of the Church who continued the practice.  How many times were we … Continue reading

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Wayfarers Chapel in Rancho Palos Verdes in California

According to Daniel Peterson, an impressive place to visit is Wayfarers Chapel in southern California: [If you can’t have Frank Lloyd Wright design your celestial home], there’s always his son, Lloyd Wright (1890-1978), who himself wasn’t too bad.  Among other … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney Pandering to Ultraconservatives on DACA

Monday This blog has never been a fan of Mitt Romney largely because he can’t seem to decide who is.  Is he the centrist Republican who was governor of Massachusetts?  Or is he the panderer to conservative Christians who ran … Continue reading

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Conceit of LDS (and Other Christian) Churches

Carolyn at bycommonconsent.com makes the following assertion concerning the basics of Christianity: When I study the Gospel of Jesus Christ, this theme is pervasive.  God calls us to first believe – and then to do the difficult, soul-searching work of … Continue reading

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So Why Can’t the Mormon Church React Faster?

The LDS Church leadership keeps getting blindsided by issues.  When they do make changes, they are frequently late in arriving and tone deaf to member’s concerns. Steve Evans on bycommonconsent.com speculates on why the silence from the top leaders during … Continue reading

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