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Brief Movie Review: War for the Planet of the Apes (2017)

This most recent installment (Apes III) of the reborn Planet of the Apes movie series is a mess.  As much as I would like to recommend it, I can’t. Through the years, I’ve observed three of the four varieties of … Continue reading

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Movie Review: “Highway to Dhampus”

This excellent movie had a limited release over this last weekend and extending into the week.  I encourage everyone to find and watch “Highway to Dhampus”.   It has romance, tragedy, relevance, and gorgeous scenery.  The Nepali actors are great, particularly … Continue reading

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“Nightcrawler” (2014, Dan Gilroy Director): A Movie Review

I like movies and I really liked “Nightcrawler.” I hate the local news and rarely watch.  The Salt Lake area channels almost always lead with fires, serious accidents, shootings, gang activities, drug busts, interviews with distraught victims or witnesses . … Continue reading

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“The Drop”: A Movie Review

The Drop is a great movie, but it is definitely for adults because of subject matter, language, and some violence.  The movie gets its name from the expression “drop bar,” a covert place for funneling cash to local gangsters.  The excellent … Continue reading

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Everybody’s Fine . . . Except

Two nights ago I watched the movie Everybody’s Fine, starring Robert De Niro as father and several other fine actors as his offspring.  In the movie Frank Goode, a widower played by De Niro, travels around the country visiting his … Continue reading

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Good Time Charlie

Former Texas congressman Charlie Wilson, the principal supporter of US involvement with anti-Soviet forces in Afghanistan, died on Wednesday of this week (10 Feb 2010).  He was very much the endearing rascal that American voters seem to adore.  His exploits in southcentral Asia were recently … Continue reading

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