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Gotta Love a Giraffe

I’ve visited Murcheson Falls N.P. in Uganda several times over the last 10 years.  It is a great place to observe giraffes. I’ve also observed them in Namibia, Tanzania, and Kenya.  They are truly unique animals. Everything about the giraffe … Continue reading

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The Sh!tshow in Washington DC

According to the New York Times: President Trump on Thursday balked at an immigration deal that would include protections for people from Haiti and some nations in Africa, demanding to know at a White House meeting why he should accept … Continue reading

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African Elephants

This blog has two important missions: highlight the wonders and pleasures of Africa and express concerns over the plight of the earth’s sentient animals, particularly great apes, whales, and elephants. The political cartoon below appeared on sltrib.com (2 Aug 2016). … Continue reading

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Abilnino, Uganda, Movie Theater

Albilnino is a small Ugandan community located 4 kilometers off the Gulu-Kitgum highway. To say that Abilnino is an isolated, poor community would be a serious understatement. Because they want to see their children educated, the parents in the Abilnino … Continue reading

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Request from an African Prison’s Worst Inmates

By Peter Gwin, Senior Editor, NG [1] “Ssssssss, monsieur. Ssssssss, monsieur.” The hissing sound comes from the padlocked door of the cell holding the “stubborn ones,” says the prison warden in Berberati, a Central African Republic town near the border … Continue reading

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Outdoor “Talking Circles” with Benches

At a Navajo grade school in Aneth UT, benches are arranged to provide “talking circles” for use in outdoor educational and social activities: The talking circles at the Aneth school were designed by a landscape architect with the U.S. Bureau … Continue reading

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Computer-training Center in Masaka, Uganda

In January (2015), my son-in-law and grandson installed a small computer-training facility in a LDS Chapel in Masaka, Uganda.  The LDS chapel was chosen for several reasons: secure location; rooms available Monday thru Saturday, availability of a relatively high-speed Internet … Continue reading

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