Abilnino, Uganda, Movie Theater

Albilnino is a small Ugandan community located 4 kilometers off the Gulu-Kitgum highway. To say that Abilnino is an isolated, poor community would be a serious understatement.

Abilnino Chidren Waiting for the Start of a Movie

Abilnino Chidren Waiting for the Start of a Movie

Because they want to see their children educated, the parents in the Abilnino area have banded together and started a school. Their buildings are primitive, but it’s a beginning.

We were in Abilnino this week starting construction on a new 3-classroom complex. We decided that while we were there, we would show animated movies to the children. (There is no school in Uganda in January.)

Abilnino has no electricity, so we brought with us a small, battery-powered LED projector and speakers. We played th movies on a laptop computer.

Since the LED projector requires a dark room, we decided to show the movies in a circular, windowless traditional Africa hut.

Albilnino Movie Theater

Albilnino Movie Theater

Twenty-five children gathered inside the structure. All enjoyed the animated feature films. We used a battery-powered fan to help control the indoor environmental conditions.

Although this activity was strictly for fun, it did demonstrate that LED and laptop technologies can be successfully utilized in isolated developing country environments. Educational videos, PowerPoint presentations, etc. are now possible anywhere, which opens up a whole new list of activities for improving global education.

The next step for Abilnino is the installation of a small solar unit to recharge the batteries for their future educational hardware.

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