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History’s Seven Worst Ideas and/or Inventions?

According to a nonscientific survey of professionals by Paul A. Offit, the worst historic ideas and/or inventions are (extracted from NG, June 2017): 4,000 BC:  the Sumerians discovered “the plant of joy,” which gave birth to a class of drugs … Continue reading

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Maasai and Cell Phone Technology

By Daniel Stone [1] The Maasai people of Kenya and Tanzania live a semi-nomadic, pastoral life, seeking out areas of fresh pasture and building enclosures to protect their livestock. For cultural anthropologists who wonder how off-the-grid people are being changed … Continue reading

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Abilnino, Uganda, Movie Theater

Albilnino is a small Ugandan community located 4 kilometers off the Gulu-Kitgum highway. To say that Abilnino is an isolated, poor community would be a serious understatement. Because they want to see their children educated, the parents in the Abilnino … Continue reading

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3D Printing: One of Seven Technologies That Will Change the World

by Gray Scott (from IEET.com, 29 Sep 2015) Today we already have 3D  printers that can print clothing, circuit boars, furniture, homes and chocolate.  A company called BigRep has created a 3D printer called the BigRep ONE.2 that enables designers … Continue reading

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3-D Printing in the News

The latest editions of Time Magazine (1 & 8 December 2014) and National Geographic (December 2014) both have articles naming 3-D printing a hot new technology.  According to Time: A machine that can build any object.  It sounds like sci-fi fantasy, but thanks to the rise … Continue reading

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Promoting Science and Technology in the Navajo Nation

Michael Flynn, a scientist at NASA’s Ames Research Laboratory in Moffett Field CA, was recently in Utah to discuss an ongoing research project with the Bureau of Reclamation’s staff.  While here, he took the opportunity to discuss water conservation and … Continue reading

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Can Technology Help Save Africa?

My latest post discussing possible technology fixes for Africa is at ieet.org.

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