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LDS Church Donations

According to a recent Salt Lake Tribune article: On behalf of the Mormon church, four female leaders donated $120,000 on Thursday to community centers in Utah to expand medical services for children who have been abused. Also, according to a … Continue reading

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The Best Gifts

By William MacAskill, Co-founder of the Effective Altruism Movement [1] Giving gifts to loved ones is great; it’s a rewarding way to spread joy and strengthen friendships and family ties.  But at this time of year I’m always reminded of … Continue reading

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Contrarian Thoughts Concerning Do-gooding (Altruism, Charity)

Providing humanitarian aid and economic assistance to developing countries has always been a controversial subject.  Two recent articles in a popular magazine and journal provide some contrarian reactions to popular beliefs. Sarah Begley in Time (6 & 13 Jul, 2015) … Continue reading

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