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Traveling with My Grandchildren

I’ve traveled with my grandchildren a lot, sometimes with their parent(s), but frequently without. All of my experiences have been great. On my most recent expedition, my grandson James and I traveled to Jacksonville, Florida, to explore the local game … Continue reading

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LDS Church Members Encouraged to Engage with the World

I remember a comment on the bloggernacle to the effect that:  LDS mags are the least read periodicals with the largest circulation.  I would tend to agree with that assessment. But the latest Ensign (Feb 2019) actually has some worthwhile reading.  There … Continue reading

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The Mule: A Movie Review that Analyzes Two Organizational Structures

I loved this movie.  Clint Eastwood was born to play the starring role in “The Mule.”  He is perfect as a dysfunctional, curmudgeonly senior caught in the trap of his own egoism (much like in the movie “Gran Torino).  Eastwood … Continue reading

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LDS Woman Refuses to Sit in the Back of the Bus (oops Chapel)

In Michelle Quist‘s LDS ward, an apostle puts on an annual Christmas program.  So this year, Michelle showed up 20 minutes early so she and her 7 children could get good seats: Which is why my spirit fell as I … Continue reading

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Concerns About LDS Service Missionaries

I have long advocated that more emphasis be placed on service as it relates to LDS missions.  So I was encouraged when the Church decided to highlight service missions.  According to QnAs in the Ensign (January 2019): Where do they live?  At … Continue reading

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Robert Kirby’s Dilemma: Men and Women Together

Robert Kirby, humorist for the Salt Lake Tribune, was recently suspended for 3 months for interactions he had with a woman at Sunstone, a conference of Mormon fringe elements. I first need to confess that I have a strong respect … Continue reading

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Why Do Mormon’s Keep Throwing God “Under the Bus”?

We Mormons (particularly LDS leaders) still haven’t admitted that it was Brigham Young’s (uninspired) prejudice that initiated the black priesthood/temple ban.  And that it was subsequent (uninspired) presidents of the Church who continued the practice.  How many times were we … Continue reading

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