Assisting Makeshift Primary Schools in Uganda

On a recent trip to Rwenzori Mountain region of Uganda, we visited 5 very primitive primary schools.  Three were located in the mountains above Kyarumba, the other 2 off the highway between Fort Portal and Kasese.

Crater Lake as Viewed from Italian-Owned Resort

My Uganda colleague wanted to visit Buena Vista, a resort south of Fort Portal.  The resort, owned and operated by an Italian, is like a small piece of Europe transplanted to Uganda.  It was devoid of customers.  But the staff was friendly.  We ordered a pizza and drinks.  The resort is beautifully sited above a crater lake.  After our lunch, we asked if there were any primary schools in the area.  One of the employees offered to take us to a couple.  Both were very primitive.  (The schools stand in sharp contrast to the Italian resort.)  We told the school staff we would provide some supplies if they would provide the labor.  We returned with building supplies (metal roofing sheets, lumber, and nails) and desks, the latter made by a wood-shop training center in Kyarumba.

Primitive Primary School Located One-half Hour Northeast of Kasese

Interior of School, with Mats to Separate Classrooms

Unloading Supplies for One of the Primary School between Fort Portal and Kasese, Uganda

Helping to Carry School Supplies

Carrying Desks into Classrooms

We also took boda-bodas (motorcycle taxis) up into the Rwenzori Mountains to visit 3 schools.  All primitive, in need of serious help.  We agreed to assist with supplies including a water storage tank, wood for siding, and metal roofing.  We also supplied soccer balls.

Because of the lack of a vehicular road, the parents of the students came down out mountains and carried the provided supplies by foot up to the schools.  Not an easy task.  It demonstrated to us the deep commitment of the villagers to the education of their children.  It was very gratifying to see their efforts.  At least 30 parents participated.

Primitive School Located High in the Rwenzori Mtns above Kyarumba

Inside Rwenzori Mtn School

Unloading the Truck in Preparation for Hauling

Hauling the Water Tank on Foot Up into the Rwenzori Mountains

Carrying the Metal Roofing Sheets  Balanced on their Heads

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