Another Swing Set in Ghana, this Time in the North

Last year, I traveled to Ghana to install playgrounds at 3 separate locations around Accra, located in southern Ghana along its coast with the Atlantic Ocean.  Those installations went smoothly thanks to valuable help provided by Paul G., a Texan working at Accra University.

When Ayisha J., a teller originally from Ghana who works at our local Orem UT credit union, heard of our efforts, she asked if we could install a swing set at her mother’s school in Walewale, in northern Ghana.  Paul on a return visit to Texas picked up swing set hardware and carried it to Ghana in his airplane luggage.  In Accra, he ordered all the parts to complete the swing set.  Arrangements to get the swing parts to Walewale were made by Ayisha’s uncle.

The swing set was recently installed at a small private school in Walewale.

Installing the Swing Set in Walewale, Ghana

Ghanaian Children Enjoying Walewale Swing Set

We are currently working to get monkey bars and a climbing tower installed at the school.

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