Donations for the Homeless

Kip Yost, who was formerly homeless, makes the following suggestions on what not to give and what to donate to the homeless:

  • ”Postage stamp” blankets. They sell these things by the boatload at Walmart, they’re soft, cute and utterly worthless as a blanket for an adult. Homeless people are issued one blanket a day. So keep these tiny things for your poodle and donate a decent blanket.
  • ”Family” or “economy” sized toiletries. Homeless life is nomadic by nature. One must take their belongings with them to avoid loss or theft. Soaps, shampoos, shaving cream and lotion in giant containers get tossed after one use. Donate travel-sized toiletries instead, and lots of them, please.
  • Coats or jackets with broken zippers. This is just cruel; stop doing this. Homeless people are unlikely to be able to able pay for tailoring, they don’t get to rummage through donations and there are few things worse than trying to stay warm on a 10-degree day with an icy wind blowing your jacket open. Donate coats and jackets that function properly, please.

Important reminder, more than 120 homeless people died last year [in the SLC area], and nearly 100 of those deaths had to do with exposure.

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1 Response to Donations for the Homeless

  1. Reminds me of all the obituaries I read of women who donated to the poor and were thus charitable but always cut off all the buttons to show they were Thrifty.

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