Is LDS Church Guilty of Hypocrisy?

The recent Deseret Books brochure has a full-page promotion for a book titled:  “Bill Marriott:  Success Is Never Final.”  The ad highlights “Bringing work and faith together” and “How a Man of Faith built an empire.”  A man to be emulated because he’s rich and famous.  The Lord has obviously blessed him (think Prosperity Gospel).

The hotel empire that Bill built includes bars, casinos, and until a few years ago pornography.  The latter, not as a producer, as a purveyor (at least I certainly hope).

So it’s okay to own casinos, but not okay to gamble.  It’s okay to make money on pornography, just don’t view it.  It’s okay to own a bar, but not okay to imbibe.  Its okay to make money off the “sinner,” as long as you don’t sin yourself.

The poor member who gambles occasionally for fun is a “sinner,” but the owner of the casino is not?  While I understand the need to serve alcohol in hotel restaurants, I’m not a fan of casinos and pornography.  The Marriotts are free to make money any way they choose, but I have an issue with putting them on a pedestal of righteousness.

A few months ago, a woman in our Ward in her testimony bemoaned the fact that her daughter worked for a time in a Utah State liquor dispensary.  During the 20-minute sob-fest, she was genuinely distressed.  But her testimony ended well, her daughter had quit her “sinful” job.  This conundrum is truly bizarre, particularly when you consider that the Prophet Brigham Young owned a distillery.  And Bill is a paragon of faithful virtue.

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