LDS General Conference Talks Encourage Humanitarian Service

It’s October, and General Conference time for the Latter-day Saint faithful.  And this year (2019), 2 talks highlighted the importance of service.

Apostle Dieter F. Uchtdorf explained that life is an adventure and that we should make the most of it.

The only way for you to progress in your gospel adventure is to help others progress as well. …Faith, hope, love, compassion and service refine us as disciples. Through your efforts to help the poor and the needy, to reach out to those in distress, your own character is purified and forged, your spirit is enlarged, and you walk a little taller.

Perhaps more than any other Church leader, Uchtdorf understands the underlying message of the Savior.  Perhaps that is why he is so well liked.

Mother Teresa in India

President Russell M. Nelson did a followup on the same theme.  He listed the ways that the Church is assisting around the globe.  Nelson specifically mentioned fast offerings and bishop’s storehouse, donations through Deseret Industries, and LDS Charities:

The activities I have described are merely a small part of the growing welfare and humanitarian outreach.  And you are the ones who make all this possible. Because of your exemplary lives, your generous hearts, and your helping hands, it is no wonder that many communities and government leaders are praising your efforts.

Let’s hope that future GC talks will focus more on humanitarian service and global issues, and ways for members to be involved.

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