Playground Climbers Made with Used Tires

On a recent trip to Uganda (eastern Africa), we checked out two climbers made from used tires.  Both installations were in playgrounds with equipment by East African Playgrounds.

The first climber is made of tires attached to a swing set frame.  The tires are bolted together and have chain used as back support.  Tire grids are attached to both sides of the frame.

Tire Climber Made with a Swing Set

Chain Is Used as Back Support for the Tires

The above tire climber is located at a primary school near the East African Playgrounds office in Jinja.

Playgrounds Everywhere recently installed a similar climber at a school located 45 minutes south of Mbarara.

Another design for a tire climber is made of just tires bolted together.   The one in the photographs is located at a private primary school located just outside of Jinja on the road to Tororo.

Climber Made of Used Tires Bolted Together

Tire Climber Located Just North of Jinja, Uganda

We have constructed and installed tire climbers made with metals poles holding tires mounted two feet apart.

Tire Climbing Tower Installed at Sipasqanch, Peru

We’ve installed the above vertical climbers in Peru, Uganda, and Ghana.

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