Inspecting Our Previous Playground Installations in Cambodia

In late July 2019, I returned to Siem Reap, Cambodia.  This time, I was accompanied by my son, daughter-in-law, and 3 granddaughters.  Our first order of business was to inspect and repair (if necessary) the 2 swing sets that I had installed 6 years earlier.  The first school we visited had a 2-seat swing set.  The swing looked a little rough, but was still in working condition.  It show signs of being used.  Because the school looked partially abandoned, we decided not to make any upgrades or repairs.

Name of the First School, I Think

Swing Set Installed 6 Years Earlier; Still Functional

At the second school (Tropeang Thom-Tamon Primary School), the seats on a 3-seats had been replaced by tires.  We assumed our original seats had worn out, so we replaced the tires with sturdy wooden seats.   Since our original installation, the playground area at the school had been extended to provide a variety of other equipment, including seesaws, slide, exercise equipment, and an additional swing set.

Replacement Tires on 3-Swing Seat Set

Swing Set with Tires Replaced by Regular Seats

My Granddaughter Playing with Kids on the Seesaw

Enjoying the Swing Set, Hopefully

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