Installing Playground Equipment in Iloilo, Philippines

My family and I were met at the airport in Iloilo, Panay, Philippines by Bernard, a friend of one of my son’s Lehi, Utah, neighbors.  He was friendly and turned out to be a wonderful host.  Our first installation was at a elementary school located about an hour from Iloilo.  It was a site proposed by Bernard and his family.

At the Bacuranan Elementary School, we installed a swing set, climbing tower, and monkey bars.  Bernard had coordinated the fabrication of the equipment.  In the morning, the LDS proselytizing missionaries helped dig holes and in the afternoon school officials mixed and placed concrete.  The school provided food and beverages.  It was a pleasant day.  As the work was winding up, there was an afternoon thunderstorm.  It did little to deter the students from enjoying their new playground equipment.

Playground Equipment Installed near Iloilo, Philippines

Students Enjoying Their Climbing Tower

Unfortunately, while we were trying to locate our initial playground installation site, we went to the wrong school first, creating an expectation.  Bernard and his family recently fulfilled that expectation.  They installed a 3-piece playground at Palomo Elementary School.

Painting Playground Equipment at Palomo Elementary School

Group Photo After Installation (Bernard is in Blue in the Middle)

Bernard and his family were great to work with and wonderful hosts.  Our playground installations can only be successful through local coordination and assistance.

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