President Oaks Steps in It Again

In a June 11, 2019, commencement address at BYU-Hawaii, President Dallin Oaks made more disparaging remarks about the LGBTQ+ community.  According to

In a transcript of his speech, Oaks, next in line to lead the church, lamented the “culture of evil and personal wickedness in the world,” including the “increasing frequency and power of the culture and phenomenon of lesbian, gay and transgender lifestyles and values.”

This sounds like a far-fetched conspiracy theory:  “increasing power of the culture . . . of lesbian, gay and transgender . . . values.”  Is he talking about their search for equality, equal rights?  Or, what some refer to as the radical gay agenda?

LDS Leaders Tilting at the Windmill of Gay Conspiracy Theories

Unfortunately, a few week earlier Elder Jeffrey Holland in an address to Seminary and Institute teachers comes to a conclusion similar to that of Oaks:

Broadly speaking, Zs [ages 7-21] are always “wired” to some sort of device. They have perhaps been exposed to “flagrant, destructive pornography” at early ages. They tend to support gay marriage and transgender rights as part of everyday life. “Because of this sociability, the thin line between friendship and condoning behavior begins to blur.”

He states there is a “thin line between friendship and condoning.”  Since most of us know someone or have a relative who is gay, this statement is deeply problematic.

I’m not sure what “condoning” means in this context.  Does it mean that I can’t allow a gay relative to sleep in same bedroom as his partner?  Or that I shouldn’t attend a lesbian wedding?  That’s just silly, and not very friendly

Holland seems a late arrival to homophobia.  In the past, he has been a darling of progressive Mormons.  So his strident remarks are somewhat unexpected.  But not those of Oaks.  He’s been consistently spewing homophobia.  Much like racist GAs spread anti-black nonsense in the 1960’s.

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