Moki Dugway Road and Muley Point Overlook

A 3-mile stretch of the Mexican Hat to Natural Bridges road (SR-261) is referred to as Moki Dugway.  It is a mostly unpaved and consists of a dramatic series of switchbacks which climb the cliffs which separate Valley of the Gods from Cedar Mesa.  The views down into Valley of the Gods are spectacular.  This is one of the most heart-pounding sections of road in the western United States.  It can be traveled in a car, but not by vehicle pulling a trailer.  There are only a few stretches that have safety guards, and in some areas the road is quite narrow.  So drive carefully.  This 1,100-foot climb is not for those who have a fear of heights, but is strongly recommended for everyone else.

Warning Sign at the Start of Moki Dugway Climb

Switchbacks on Moki Dugway Road with Muley Point in the Background

At the top of Moki Dugway, there is a turnoff to a gravel road that heads mostly south.  After a relatively short drive of a few miles, you arrive at Muley Point.  Here you have a wonderful panorama that extends from Valley of the Gods west past Monument Valley to Navajo Mountain and beyond.  Beware, there is no safety railing or protective fencing.  Watch your children.

Muley Point Overlook, Watch Your Step!

For additional exciting drives, there are the Transfaragasan Highway in Romania and the Calca-to-Lares road in Peru.  The latter is at very high altitude.

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