Places to Visit and Things to Do in Southern Utah and Northern Arizona

Southern Utah and Northern Arizona have a wonderful places to visit including:  Monument Valley Tribal Park, Gooseneck State Park, Cedar Mesa, Valley of the Gods, Upper Antelope Canyon, Lake Powell, Rainbow Bridge National Monument, Navajo National Monument, and what’s left of Bear’s Ear National Monument.

Below is a list of my posts which describe additional places to visit, with emphasis on the northern Navajo Nation:

  • Places to stay in San Juan County, Utah, click here.
  • Volcanic features of the 4-Corners Region, click here.
  • Unusual places to visit on the northern Navajo Nation, click here.

Precariously Balanced Rock Formation in the Northern Navajo Nation

  • Visiting Navajo Mountain Chapter, Navajo Nation, click here
  • Visiting Cove Chapter, Navajo Nation, click here.
  • Arches and Bridges in the Navajo Mountain area, click here.

Hawkeye Natural Bridge Located North of Navajo Mountain

  • Lower Antelope Canyon, Page, Arizona, click here.
  • Visiting Minor Anasazi Ruins on Cedar Mesa, click here.
  • Moki Dugway Road and Muley Point Overloosk, click here.

Switchbacks on Moki Dugway Road with Muley Point in the Background

A new website is working to highlight the joys of southern Utah and the surrounding area.  They specialize in places to stay:  All the rooms, everywhere

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