Blackboards and Benches Provided for Rwenzori Mtn Schools

The schools in the Rwenzori Mtns, in southwestern Uganda, are extremely primitive.  To help improve conditions, Playgrounds Everywhere (a Utah-based NGO) contracted with KAAYGO, a woodworking training shop in Kyarumba, to make blackboards and benches for the schools.  The job was recently completed.

Displaying Finished Blackboards at KAAYGO Woodworking Training Shop

Preparing to Deliver Benches to Rwenzori Mtn School

There a lot of benefits of making improvements this way:

  • We provide support to a local woodworking shop,
  • We put money into the local economy, and
  • We provide important enhancements to the mountain schools.

That is why many foreign assistance specialists recommend that cash donations to humanitarian organizations are preferred.  The money can be spent in country where it will do the most good.

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