LDS Church Leaders: Please Fix These Problems

There are problems that continue to fester in the Church.  Despite a continuous barrage of negative newspaper articles, blog posts, TV stories, etc., many of them in the national press, nothing changes.  The following problems need to be resolved now, not years from now:

  • The honor code at the Church’s universities.  In it’s current form, it’s a disaster.  University officials tried a half-assed fix a year or two ago and pretty much missed the mark.  The result, another barrage of bad publicity.
  • Worthiness interviews for youth.  The Church system of bishop interviews with adolescent members continues to be problematic.  And the solution is not to excommunicate those highlighting the problem.
  • Word of Wisdom and coffee and tea.  There is nothing nutritionally wrong with coffee or tea.  They both contain a mild stimulant, but so what?  The substitute for the pair–soft drinks–is nutritionally much worse for you (think sugar and fizz).

Is This Better for You Than Coffee or Tea?

  • Complete disclosure of Church finances.  Unless we are happy with behaving like a cult, the leadership needs to have an open account of finances.  There needs to be transparency.  The membership needs to know how much is being spent on temples and other infrastructure, lawyers, lobbyists, public relations, CES including the colleges and universities, humanitarian services, etc.  Clearly the membership needs a say in how money is spent.

The above problems are much more important than the distractions involving name and nicknaming changes, length of church services, and the other trivial issues that we are currently obsessing over.

And the above list doesn’t even include discrimination against LGBTQ+ community and women.  Or the problems of having an oligarchical, right-wing, and elderly white leadership.

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