Traveling with My Grandchildren

I’ve traveled with my grandchildren a lot, sometimes with their parent(s), but frequently without. All of my experiences have been great.

On my most recent expedition, my grandson James and I traveled to Jacksonville, Florida, to explore the local game parks. James is fascinated with the wide variety of animals roaming the earth. Two of the Florida parks we visited were particularly notable: White Oak Conservation and Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens.

My Grandson with Komodo Dragon at the Jacksonville Zoo

On a trip last year, we traveled to Belize and met up with a group from Arkansas, “Share the Lovies.” Our first job was to help install a swing set at a school in Belmopan. After the work was over, we toured Mayan ruins, tubed down jungle rivers, and rode on zip lines. James and I also spent a couple of hours at the Belize Zoo. My grandson enjoyed checking out the Central American animals. The small zoo is very cool.

Last summer, my son and his daughter Madeline spent 10 days in Peru. Our host was a Quechua indian family who lives in Sacred Valley and Cuzco. We alternated between installing playground equipment in remote mountain village schools and visiting Inca archaeological sites like Machu Picchu and Pisac. We also spent time learning about the Quechua culture. A year earlier, James and I made a similar trip, just the 2 of us. On our trips to Peru, assisting our Quechua friends, we’ve installed playgrounds in 10 rural schools.

My Granddaughter Learning about Quechua Culture

A year ago, my son-in-law and his son Rees (James’s older brother) traveled to Uganda. My grandson was working on his Eagle project for Boy Scouts. Our principal purpose was to work with a new school located just outside of Mbale. Rees and his father installed solar lighting systems and a Raspberry-Pi-based, offline internet system. I worked on the school’s playground; the Mbale school now has one of the most extensive playgrounds in Uganda.

My Grandson Teaching about Computers in Uganda

On an earlier trip to Uganda, 5 relatives traveled with me: son, daughter, daughter-in-law, and 2 granddaughters (Alexandra and EV). In addition to installing playgrounds, we visited the animals at Queen Elizabeth National Park.

My Granddaughter Constructing a Swing Set in Uganda

To date, I have traveled internationally with 7 of my 11 grandchildren. My grandkids have visited the Galápagos Islands, explored Machu Picchu and Tikal, safaried in two African wildlife parks, rafted and boated on the Nile, and communed with mountain gorillas.

Take your grandchildren on exciting trips, particularly to developing nations.

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