Impoverished Primary Schools in Rwenzori Mountain Villages

We first started traveling to Rwenzori Mountain villages to install playground equipment.  However as we got higher and higher into the mountains, we found the village school facilities to more and more primitive.  It became extremely obvious that the schools needed a lot, in addition to our playgrounds.  The parents are trying hard to provide a future for their children, but they have limited resources.

Rwnzori Mountain Village School

Many schools are made of sticks, mud, wood slats, with metal sheeting for roofs.  And they have problems besides structural:

  • reed mats are used as dividers between classrooms
  • classrooms are seriously overcrowded
  • many without benches, desks, and blackboards
  • schools supplies are very limited

When I was in Uganda in November 2018, I visited 3 such school.  First was located in an Anglican church.  There were no dividers between classrooms, the blackboards were extremely crude, with not enough benches and few desks.

Classroom Located inside an Anglican Church

The second school was the worst I have seen in all my travels in Uganda.  They couldn’t use the church because it didn’t have a roof.  The classroom structures were poorly constructed, some with missing walls.  There were few benches, desks, and blackboards.

Missing Walls, Desks, etc. at Rwenzori Mountain School

The third school was the best.  But it was still primitive with overcrowded classrooms.

Swing Set with Primary School in the Background

School Children Posing inside Their Classroom

When I go back to Uganda in May 2019, I will concentrate on the school structures and interior accoutrements.

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