Navajo Mountain Adventure Tours

Enjoy horseback riding, ATVing, and 4-Wheeling in one of the most remote and beautiful locations in the lower United States.

Aerial Photograph of Lake Powell with Navajo Mountain in the Background

Navajo Mountain is located on the Utah/Arizona border and just east of Lake Powell.  The mountain itself functions as a sentinel to visitors.  The surrounding area is rich in natural and cultural wonders.  It’s an ideal locale for your next adventure.

Entry to a Hogan in Piute Canyon near Navajo Mountain

Your expedition starts at Rainbow Village located 90 road miles from Page AZ and 40 miles north of Inscription House Clinic.  The road is paved the entire way. But from there, back country roads and horse trails are all sand, gravel, and rock. They take you into an area that few have experienced.

Lake Powell from the Piute Canyon Area

Whether you ride to the top of Navajo Mountain, or cross nearby Piute Canyon, or visit Hawkeye Natural Bridge, or explore Native American ruins, or enjoy the sweeping vistas, you are in for an adventure.  There is always a surprise over the next hill or around an adjacent outcrop.

Hawkeye Natural Bridge Located North of Navajo Mountain

The Navajo Mountain area is located in an isolated corner of the Navajo Nation. As such, you need a permit and a guide to visit.  There is no charge for the permit, but a Navajo guide costs $25/person/day with a minimum of 4 persons per expedition.  You need to bring your own transportation and there are no developed campgrounds. The nearest services (gas and food) are at the Inscription House Chapter area., 45 miles south.  Some accommodations at Rainbow Village may be possible (with kitchen and bathrooms).

Piute Canyon with Navajo Mountain on the Horizon

For more information contact the Navajo Mountain Chapter.

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