LDS Church Members Encouraged to Engage with the World

I remember a comment on the bloggernacle to the effect that:  LDS mags are the least read periodicals with the largest circulation.  I would tend to agree with that assessment.

But the latest Ensign (Feb 2019) actually has some worthwhile reading.  There are 4 short articles encouraging members to be engaged with the world outside the Church.  According to an article by Liz Stilt, a mentor suggested she needed “to find opportunities to serve” which went beyond her “regular sphere of influence.”  Stilt took his suggestions to heart:

I began mentoring a teenage girl whose family had left Somalia as refugees.  Each week we practiced reading, writing, and math skills.  But beyond that, we developed a friendship and learned about each other’s cultures and dreams for the future.  When she moved, I was assigned another girl.  Her family had fled Myanmar, and she had been raised in a refugee camp in Thailand.  Along with studying, we also discussed the challenges of life and how to respond to them.

The next article, plays on Prez Thomas S. Monson’s 4th mission of the LDS Church:  “Care for the Poor and Needy.”  It quotes a Monson address to women:

You are a mighty force for good, one of the most powerful in the entire world.  Your influence ranges far beyond yourself and your home and touches others around the globe.

I just wish they would move the 4th mission to first, or at least above the 3rd.

Monkey Bars Installed at Trusted Nursery and Primary School in Uganda by Volunteers

In a separate article Elder Eduardo Gavarret, of the Seventy, advises us that: “there are many noble causes to fight for.  Be one of those who paves the road and makes a difference.”

In the 4th Ensign article, David A. Edwards quotes Elder L. Tom Perry:

. . . Rather than spend time complaining about the direction in which the [world’s] institution are going, we need to exert our influence in shaping the right direction.  A small effort by a few can result in so much good for all of mankind.

Church leaders don’t tell us exactly how to get involve; it’s our choice.  We need to use our agency and act on a good cause.  We need to engage in the outside world.

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