More Playground Work in the Rwenzori Mountains (Kyarumba)

In November of 2018, we traveled to the community of Kyarumba, located at the southern end of the Rwenzori Mountains in southwestern Uganda.  The reason for the visit was 2 fold:  1. install more playground equipment and 2. learn more about the coffee growing business and make a purchase from local growers.

We installed 2 swing sets, both in the hills above Kyarumba.  The first was west toward the Congo.  The road up was rough but Zane, the driver, was able to make it.  The 4-seat swing set was installed at Bulighisa Church Nursery School.  The villagers turned out and helped with the installation.  We were also able to check out the educational facilities inside the church.  The school needs blackboards, desks, and benches.

New Swing Set at the Bulighisa Church Nursery School

The second swing was installed to the north at the Nyamutswa Nursery and Primary School.  There is no road to the school, so the villagers carried the pipe and corner connectors up to the school site.  We were able to get to the site on small motorbikes called boda-bodas, although we had to walk on 2 steep sections of trail.  We transported the cement, swing seats, chain, and other part on the bikes.  Again the villagers turned out to help with the installation.  The schoolrooms at this school were in terrible shape.  And the adjacent church had no roof.  This school needs everything.

Installing a Swing Set at Nyamutswa Nursery and Primary School

We installed monkey bars at 2 locations that already had swing sets.  The first at a school located down the road from Kyarumba, Kedrose Primary School.  The second at Trusted Nursery and Primary School which is located in the hills between Kyarumba and Kasese.  We were able to drive to both sites.

Installed Monkey Bars at Kedrose Primary School

Monkey Bars at Trusted Nursery and Primary School

We also made repairs and added swing seats at a school playground on the outskirts of Kyarumba.

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