LDS Woman Refuses to Sit in the Back of the Bus (oops Chapel)

In Michelle Quist‘s LDS ward, an apostle puts on an annual Christmas program.  So this year, Michelle showed up 20 minutes early so she and her 7 children could get good seats:

Which is why my spirit fell as I walked into the chapel to see almost the entire chapel cordoned off with white rope.  A friend saw my dismay and explained that the chapel seats were being saved for the 80-plus members of the apostle’s family.  We were welcome to take our seats in the cold, metal chairs lined up in the back.

The class structure apparent every General Conference as family members of the general authorities repeatedly enjoy the best seats in the Conference Center had now come home to my very own neighborhood chapel.  And it stung.

Michelle found a glitch in the roping system, and placed her family on the front row.  She refused to sit in the back of the bus (oops chapel) on the hard metal seats.  Good for Michelle.

Entitlements for General Authorities are seriously out of control.  I object to:

  • reserve seating for GA relatives at general conference,
  • plush seats for GAs at general conference,
  • members standing when a GA enters a chapel or meeting hall,
  • profiting from mind-numbing books,
  • nepotism involving leadership selection, and worse of all,
  • encouraging members to adulate them.

LDS Leaders Enjoying their Entitled Seats

Just to name a few.

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