Playgrounds Everywhere: Our New Non-Profit

For the last few years, my family and friends have been assisting grade schools in a variety of locales around the globe.  All our efforts have been centered on developing countries, including Uganda, Peru, and the Navajo Nation.  This year, we decided it was time to formally organize.  We incorporated the non-profit: Playgrounds Everywhere.

Ugandan Students Testing Their New Playground Equipment

Our initial emphasis was on playgrounds because they:

  • encourage children to attend school,
  • improve the socialization skills of the students,
  • provide needed respite from difficult living conditions, and
  • make children smile.

Beside playgrounds, we also provide other assistance including:

  • improvements to school structures,
  • hand-washing stations
  • contributions of benches, desks, and blackboards,
  • installation of solar lighting systems, and
  • assistance with low-cost computer systems.

Installing Solar Lighting in a Ugandan Primary School

To date, most of our activities have been directed at rural schools.  We have installed over 90 swing sets and 30 complete playgrounds.

Unloading Hand-washing Stations in Western Uganda

Contributions are appreciated.  We have a long list of schools requesting assistance.

Playgrounds Everywhere/1080 N. 140 E./Orem, UT/84057

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