The Short-lived LDS Health Mission Program

By Tulan, from

I am female, went on a mission in early 1980s. I was called as a Health Missionary. It was a program that President Kimball put in place. Health Missionaries went through the traditional missionary training plus extra training to focus on health, nutrition, service etc. I was also sent to a Spanish speaking area so I had language lessons. Health missionaries were not to proselytize, ever, even when doing the health work.

When I arrived at my mission, the mission president told me that I would not be utilized as a Health missionary but as a proselytizing missionary. I politely said that President Kimball called me as a Health missionary and therefore I was to do the work I was trained and called to do. He told me he was in charge at this mission, not President Kimball. The mission president forbid all Health missionaries from doing what we were trained and sent out to do.

During my entire mission I was partnered with another Health missionary. We did the Health training work. Another sister missionary found out and told the mission president. We were split up, and the mission president made sure that two Health missionaries were never put together as long as he was mission president. When I went home he was still mission president. I was never impressed with him, to this day.

During the short time that my Health missionary partner and I were together, we did a lot of health missionary work, and a lot of good. We received more referrals from doing service than from anything else. People asked us what we wanted in return for our help and when we said we wanted nothing, they were very surprised. Because of our service we had many people asking about the church. When we worked with people we did have a prayer before we left, every time without fail.

After President Kimball passed away, the Health missionary program was stopped. What a shame.

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