An Incredible Road Over the Andes

The road from Calca, near Pisac in Sacred Valley to Lares is an incredible ride.  We traveled it in medium-sized minivan packed with playground equipment destine for a primary school located high in the Andes.  We started at elevation 9,000 ft. asl and climbed to a mountain pass at 14,600 ft and then we descended to Lares.

Elevation at the Pass (in Meters) on the Calca-Lares Road

The scenery on or near the pass is spectacular.  On the way up, there were herds of Llama and Alpaca.  Above us were the jagged peaks of the snow-covered Andes.  At about 13,000 ft, we hit the snow line.

Llamas and Alpacas on the Road Create Additional Hazards

The road itself is a 1-1/2 lane partially paved road.  Going around corners, our driver would honk his horn, hoping to alert drivers coming the other direction.  There are few road guards.  And frequently the exposure is intense.  All in all it makes for an incredible ride.

The Road of the Andes Is Occasionally Unpaved

The road from the summit eventually reaches the town of Lares, gateway to trekking in the Andes and home of a heavily developed hot springs.  Farther down the road, you invade the Peruvian jungle.

Lares Hot Spring in the Andes Moungtains

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