LDS Church Should Fire Its Lawyers and . . . .

I’m disgusted with the LDS Church’s lawyers, lobbyists, and PR personnel.  Why can’t the Church leadership look at issues from a Christ-centered perspective and do what’s right?  Tithing money is being wasted, and for the most part, these consultants are serving the Church poorly.

The following are NOT issues to be wasting the Church’s resources and reputation on:

  • Religious freedom, the world views this issue as the Church wanting the right to discriminate.  And they’re probably right.  Didn’t we learn anything from our racial discrimination against blacks?
  • LGBTQ issues, this cultural war has fortunately been lost, the Church needs to stop discriminating.  If there is a hereafter, I’m sure the Lord will sort this out.  We should be supporting loving relationships, not promoting celibacy.
  • Legalizing medical marijuana in Utah, there are so many more important issues.  And if marijuana helps patients in pain, it is cruel to withhold it (or make patients drive to Colorado or Nevada).  The 20+ excuses, for not legalizing medical marijuana, was little more than the Church’s lawyers running up their billable hours.

The following are issues that the Church leadership should be engaged in”

  • Empowering women,
  • Rooting out sexual harassment and abuse, and
  • Helping the poor and disenfranchised.

And these activities don’t require a lot of lawyers, lobbyists, and spin-doctors.

I think for above changes to occur, President Eyring and Elders Uchtdorf and Holland need to take the lead.  President (and lawyer) Oaks needs to take a back seat.  And the Church leadership needs to come clean on the money it is spending on lawyers, lobbyist, and spin-doctors.

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3 Responses to LDS Church Should Fire Its Lawyers and . . . .

  1. rogerdhansen says:

    The LDS Church has stepped in it again. This time over the recurring issue of breastfeeding. What’s the point of having a PR dep’t and contract lawyers if the Church is consistently behind the curve? Please someone do something about these regular PR disasters. The breastfeeding issue should have been resolved years ago. Maybe more women in management would help? (Rhetorical)

  2. rogerdhansen says:

    And again they step in it. This time over Bishop worthiness interviews with young parishioners. This time with a former Bishop going on a hunger strike with a goal to ending these questionable interviews.

  3. rogerdhansen says:

    This weeks disaster is sexual assault and LDS Universities. Apparently when the BYU schools tried to solve the problem of victim shaming, they only solved half the problem, the university side. There is still the issue of the ecclesiastical endorsement needed to attend the school. The victim’s local Bishop can still take action. This happened recently at BYU-Idaho. As with other LDS issues, the leadership continues to only “solves” a portion of a given problem. Allowing issues and problems to fester and fester.

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