Arrington Question: Why is the LDS Church Bureaucracy so UnChristlike?

The LDS Church has a very top-down management system.  But management’s relations with employees has not always been very Christlike.  One example of this phenomenon can be found in the Leonard Arrington archives:

It is normal for an employee to expect occasional expressions of appreciation for his work, and we try to do this for our own employees. But with all the books we have published, and articles, we have never had written or oral communications from Elder [Joseph] Anderson [Executive director of the Church History Department], our Advisors, members of the Quorum of the Twelve, or the First Presidency about them. As if each is fearful of putting something in writing which would later embarrass him. One almost feels that the bureaucracy and the hierarchy fail to use the Gospel in their dealing with their own appointees and, instead, rely on legalistic pronouncements and coercive administrative power. I have never seen a group of people so afraid to do something, so fearful of doing wrong, so terrorized by the possibility of vindictiveness. And this is a Church!

Hopefully, things have improved at the COB.

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