Another Day Installing Playgrounds in Peru

Rugged Snow-Covered Mountains

Yesterday, the weather was perfect, clear with a few fluffy clouds.  An excellent day for installing playgrounds at remote Quechua village schools.

Playground at Ocutuan Primary School

The first installation was in the village of Ocutuan.  Here we installed a swing set, climbing tower, and tether ball set (including ball).  The Cardenas-Torres family directed the assembly and installation.  But the locals did much of the work, digging holes, and mixing and placing concrete.  From Ocutuan, we had an incredible view of the nearby snow-covered mountains.  The village of Ocutuan is situated at more than 12,000 feet asl.

Making Minor Adjustments at Weaving Center Playground

While in Ocutuan, we visited the site of a weaving center that is being constructed by Eagle-Condor Humanitarian, a Utah-based NGO.  The C-T family had fabricated playground equipment for the project and it was great to see it installed.  We made some minor adjustments on the swing set.

Assembling Swing Set at Sunchumarca

Next we traveled a couple of hours to the small community of Sunchumarca, located over 12,800 feet high in the mountains.  The road to the village climbs over 2,000 feet.  Switchback after switchback.  First on a narrow paved road, then on a partially paved road, then on a gravel road, and finally on a dirt road.  When we finally arrived, it was getting late in the day, so we just unloaded the playground equipment—a swing and tire set, monkey bars, and climbing tower—and assembled the swing set.

The installation work was done by the locals the next day, and the head teacher provided the photographs below.

Children Enjoying the Monkey Bars and Climbing Tower at Sunchumarca

Tire Swing Installed at Sunchumarca

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