Easy to Maintain Double-Rail Playground Slide

In developing countries, standard metal slides can be a serious problem.  The sheet metal that the children slide on can:

  • have rough joints,
  • get hot during intemperate weather, and
  • be subject to rusting in humid climes.

Playground Slide with Maintenance Issues

For these reasons, I’ve been looking for a safe playground slide that is relatively easy to fabricate.  It turns out that there is one in common use in the United States.

At a recent visit to a playground near my home in Orem, Utah, I saw an ideal design.

Banister-Rail Playground Slide in Orem, Utah

This double-banister slide shows signs of heavy use.  This particular slide is attached to an elevated platform.  But there is no reason it has to be.

David Cardenas-Torres in Cusco, Peru, has come up with the design below.

This standalone double-rail banister slide will be an excellent addition to our developing country playgrounds in Peru and Uganda.

Double Rail Playground Slide Installed at a Primary School in Urco, Peru

Peruvian Children Enjoying Their New Slide

The first prototype was installed at a primary school in Urco, Peru.

There are also giant versions of the 2-rail, stand-alone slide.

Giant Version of the 2-rail Slide

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