Installing a Playground High in the Peruvian Andes

On May 5, the Cardenas-Torres family (Andean Quechua World Organization) travelled high into the Andes to install a playground at a village school high in the Andes.  The Peruvian village of  Sipasqanch provides porters for mountaineers from around the world

Work Crew Gathered Around Monkey Bars

Assembling the 4-Seat Swing Set

Lifting the Swing Set into Place

Quechua Children Trying Out Their   New Climbing Tower

The C-T family installed a climbing tower, monkey bars, and a swing set.  The local villagers provided great assistance; they helped carry the playground equipment to the site, assisted with equipment assembly, dug holes, and mixed and placed concrete.

The village children were very cute in their traditional costumes.

C-T granddaughter with Attractively Dressed Village Children

A month or so latter the C-T family returned with 2 additional playground features:  a tire-climbing tower and a 4-arm teeter totter.

Tire-Climbing Tower Installed at Sipasqanch, Peru

Peruvian Children Testing 8-Seat Teeter Totter

Again they received great assistance from the local villagers.

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