Lodestone Regional Park, West Valley City, Utah

I recently visited Lodestone Regional Park in West Valley, Utah.  It was an interesting visit.  There were several things about the playground area that I found useful.  First and foremost, I like the integration of various concepts into the overall design.  The park includes a giant tire, a large concrete slide, a zip-line, and natural landscaping, just to name a few highlights.  The park was crowded with children and their parents.  It is clearly a big hit.

Lodestone Regional Park Playground Area

The giant tire was a nice addition, particularly since the open-pit Bingham Copper Mine is nearby.  The tire has an approximate diameter of 12 feet.  And instead of burying a part of it, they mounded up fill material to create a small hill.  The tread on the tire served as a ladder to the top.  And the children seemed to enjoy he climb and sitting on top.  Unfortunately, the tire looked new, making it very expensive.

The Giant Tire at Lodestone is Popular

Another popular attraction was a large concrete slide.  Because the slide is wide and doesn’t have rails, the children generally don’t go down in an organized fashion; they spin, twist, and go down in groups.  This adds to the excitement.

Concrete Slide at Lodestone Add a Different Variety of Excitement

Takeoff Area for the Giant Slide, Notice the Effective Use of Large Sandstone Boulders

I particularly like the natural landscaping.  There are large sandstone rocks scattered about, a large tree trunk for the children to climb on, and sandstone slabs used in retaining walls.

Tree Trunk is Integrated into the Park Playground

Sandstone Slab Retaining Wall That Can Be Climbed

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