Mitt Romney Pandering to Ultraconservatives on DACA


This blog has never been a fan of Mitt Romney largely because he can’t seem to decide who is.  Is he the centrist Republican who was governor of Massachusetts?  Or is he the panderer to conservative Christians who ran for president?  And he frequently “waffles” on issues like health care.

In his current run for the U.S. Senate, he has suddenly turned extremely conservative and come out against DACA.  According to Politico:

Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor who has launched a bid to represent Utah in the U.S. Senate, said he’s “more of a hawk on immigration” than President Donald Trump, arguing that the young undocumented immigrants protected under an Obama-era initiative [DACA] should not be “allowed to stay in the country legally.”

Romney voiced his opposition to DACA to conservative Republicans in Provo, Utah.  But is this really what they want to hear?  I hope not.  The LDS Church, of which Mitt is a member, has called for compassion on immigration issues.  Opposing DACA hardly sounds like compassion.

Many of us were hoping that Mitt, if elected, would put the brakes on many of Trump’s activities and policies.  Now it looks like Mitt is trying to out-Trump Trump.

Mitt’s father, George Romney, was a centrist.  He was head of American Motors, Governor of Michigan, a Stake President, and a presidential candidate.  And he was active in the Civil Rights movement.  He didn’t back away from difficult issues.

We are told that Mitt is his father’s son.  We can only hope that at some point in his political career he develops a backbone.

Wednesday Update:

Romney’s above stated stand on DACA was criticized by Mormon Women for Ethical Government:

We were disheartened to read about your remarks on Monday to a gathering of Utah County Republican women in Provo, where, among other things, you reportedly said that you are “more of a hawk on immigration than even the president.” Our hope in writing to you today is that we might persuade you to consider a more nuanced, thoughtful and ethical approach to immigration reform as you try to win the support of Utah voters, the majority of whom hold remarkably compassionate views on this particular issue.

And then Romney, as he frequently does, through a spokesperson,  muted his original statement:

He agrees with President Trump’s proposal to allow DACA recipients to legally stay in the country but does not support a special pathway to citizenship.

That still doesn’t work for me, and it is at odds with Romney’s statement that he is more hawkish on immigration than even Trump.

Today Wednesday, he further explained his stance on immigration:

GOP Senate candidate Mitt Romney fleshed out his public stand on U.S. immigration policy Wednesday — this time suggesting a “merit-based” system to favor those who have the skills and resources most likely to help build the country.

He told a group of Utah Republican convention delegates that he supports President Donald Trump’s proposals for such a change. Romney said would-be immigrants would earn points for such things as speaking English, having needed job skills, or building up savings that “would keep them from being a burden on society.”

So much for “give us your poor” etc.  Unfortunately, Romney is taking a hard line on immigration.  This would appear to go against the LDS Church’s call for compassion on the issue of immigration.  And isn’t very Christ-like.  Additionally, he seems to be ignoring his own heritage.

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