My Personal Concept of God

I’m not much of a theist, I’m more of an agnostic.  But if there is a God, this is a description I could believe in:

[Prominent Process Theologian] John B. Cobb Jr. has not shied away even from re-imaging what is now regarded as the “traditional” Christian notion of God. He does not believe that God is omnipotent in the sense of having unilateral control over all events, since Cobb sees reconciling total coercive power with love and goodness to be an impossible task. Instead, all creatures are viewed as having some degree of freedom that God cannot override. Cobb solves the problem of evil by denying God’s omnipotence, stressing instead that God’s power is persuasive rather than coercive, that God can influence creatures but not determine what they become or do. For Cobb, God’s role is to liberate and empower.

Against traditional theism, Cobb has also denied the idea that God is immutable and impassible. Instead, he stresses that God is affected and changed by the actions of creatures, both human and otherwise. For Cobb, the idea that God experiences and changes does not mean that God is imperfect—quite the  contrary. Instead, God is seen as experiencing with all beings, and hence understanding and empathizing with all beings, becoming “the fellow sufferer who understands.” Cobb argues that this idea of God is more compatible with the Bible, in which Jesus suffers and dies.

I don’t know if this version of God is compatible with LDS doctrine, but it seems close.  Like Cobb, I would deny that God is immutable (unchanging) and impassible (incapable of suffering or feeling pain).  I would also deny 3 of the 4 omnis:  omniscient (knows everything), omnipotent (has unlimited power) and omnipresent (is widely or commonly present).  I can go along with omnibenevolent (all-loving/infinitely good).

Mormons used to believe that man was progressing toward godhood.  I think that is still the case.  They also believe in eternal progression, and that used to include God.  At least I taught that as a missionary in the 1960’s.  And that God was what man now is.  Every sentient being is progressing.

This description of eternal life works for me.  I see no other viable options out there.  Now if I could only develop a belief in God, in my personal progressing deity.

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