Playgrounds Move Higher as We near the Andes Mountains

In the mountains 3 hours east of Cuzco, we have been moving higher and higher with our school playground installations.  We started in Ccolcca, situated 12,000 fsl.  The Cardenas-Torres family, my grandson, and I first visited the village preschool 1-1/2 years ago.  At that time, we installed an outdoor xylophone-style instrument manufactured by FreeNotes Harmony Park.

Young Quechua Children Enjoying Their New Playground Activity

That Christmas, the C-T family returned and installed a swing set, climbing tower, and monkey bars.  They also brought Christmas gifts and played Santa for the village kids.

Playground Equipment Installed at Ccolcaa

Santa Enjoying the New Swing Set at Ccolcca

Then last fall, the C-T family installed playground equipment (swing set and monkey bars) at a Lauramarca preschool.  This village, located at 12,200 fsl, is above Ccolcaa, even higher in the mountains.

Swing Set at Lauramarca Preschool

At Christmas time, the C-T family returned to Ccolcca and added a second playground at a school adjacent to the Ccolcca preschool.  They also played Santa at Lauramarca.

Monkey Bars at Ccolcca Primary School

Swing Set at Ccolcca Primary School; Preschool Swing Can Be Seen on the Other Side of Rock Wall

Santa Entertaining the Children at Lauramarca

The next village above Lauramarca (and Ccolcca) is Accocuna.  Their school is on the schedule for a playground.

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