How to Make LDS Church Meetings Less Boring

Robert Kirby in his latest column in alleges that LDS church services are boring:

[I need to find] ways to entertain myself in church when it gets boring. Which happens a lot.

Please don’t try to tell me that you’ve never been bored sitting in church. You’re either a liar or some freak of nature.

Some people endure boredom well. I’m not one of them. In fact, I don’t endure it at all. So it’s on me to find ways to keep my spirits up while at the same time not ruining the worship experience for everyone around me.

Sometimes I read. Currently, I’m in the middle of “The Lost Gospel of Judas Iscariot,” by Bart D. Ehrman, professor of religious studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. It’s good. Look it up.

I agree with Kirby, church meetings are frequently boring.  In fact, I’ve quit going.

How many times do I a need a lecture on baptism by immersion?  (Retorical.)  In classes, I’m tired of one-answer questions.  And there is a desperate need for better class manuals.

One way to reduce the boredom is to move from a 3-hour church meeting block to a 2-hour block.  But that just reduces the time you have to suffer, it doesn’t help eliminate the boredom.

The Church needs new ideas for meetings.  How about:

  • occasionally having a 1-hr social period with upbeat chamber music?  Or folk songs?  Or inspirational broadway tunes?  or a sing-along?  With live entertainment, drinks, and light refreshments.
  • a get-together that involves doing humanitarian work?
  • occasionally having small meeting in members’s homes?
  • training in how to better serve the wider community?
  • language training?  If you speak Spanish and need to improve your English skills (ESL)?  Or if you speak English and want to learn Spanish?
  • personal improvement lessons?  Anger management?  Financial?  Leadership?  Teacher?
  • classes in biblical scholarship?
  • a book club (with both Mormon and non-Mormon reads)?
  • instructions on how to sing hymns?  We used to do that in Sunday School.

Note:  Kirby, excellent choice of books; I’m impressed.

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