Mormon Support for Trump Remains Strong, I Don’t Understand

According to an article in

An aggregation of the Gallup Daily Tracking poll last year shows that 61 percent of Mormons surveyed approve of Trump’s job as president, just above the 60 percent of white, non-Hispanic Protestants — mainline and evangelical — who back the president.

As someone who finds Trump despicable, I find these numbers exceedingly depressing.

Given Trumps:

  • disdain for people of color;
  • white supremacist leaning;
  • history of sexual harassment;
  • erratic and careless foreign policy;
  • proclivity for pandering and lying;
  • serious megalomania;
  • tax relief for the rich, etc.

it is hard to believe that he could be supported by any religious group.  While the LDS leadership is uncomfortable with Trump, clearly the membership is not.  And ironically, it is a Mormon senator who is one of his most avid supporters, recently claiming Trump may become the greatest president ever.

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