Utah’s Senator Orrin Hatch is Disgusting

First, let me get my prejudices out of the way.  I’m a liberal Democrat.

Recent events (early December) have not treated Senator Orrin Hatch well.  First, he praises President Trump as the “greatest President that he has served under.”  Someone had to remind him that the legislative branch is separate from the executive branch, and that he technically does not “serve” Trump (although he really does).

Next, Hatch joined Trump in support of Roy Moore, an alleged child molester, in his bid to be an Alabama senator.  His excuse:  The senate needs individuals who will support the current Republican (read Trump) agenda in Congress.  So no matter how disgusting Moore may be, Alabamans need to elect the Republican candidate.  For most thinking Americans (including Mitt Romney), this logic doesn’t work.

On Monday, a fawning Hatch, acting as the President’s minion and frontman, came with Trump to Utah.  While in Utah, Trump endorsed Hatch’s potential re-election efforts.  Of course, POTUS had a good reason for doing so.  He is afraid of a Mitt Romney in the Senate.  Romney has been openly critical of Trump, both before and after the election, and particularly critical of candidate Moore.

Things really turned ugly for Hatch, when his Alabama buddies (and Trump surrogates) turned on Romney and the LDS Church declaring:

You hid behind your religion. You went to France to be a missionary while guys were dying in rice paddies in Vietnam. Do not talk to me about honor and integrity.

This left Mormon Hatch in a bind.  Of course, he had to defend his Church and Romney.  He called the attack “disappointing.”  Wow, that’s really telling them Senator.

The above chain of events, caused a former Hatch staffer to make the following observation about her former boss:

Hatch is right to feel uncomfortable about what his allies said. But he shouldn’t be surprised. When you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.

And I’m not even including Hatch’s close ties to the drug and supplement industries.  A connection that has made him personally very wealthy.  Or his glowing support of the proposed tax cut for the rich.  Hatch has represented himself a lot better than he has represented Utah.

It is time for Hatch to retire back to Pennsylvania.  In fact, he should have moved back years ago.  He has embarrassed Utah and the LDS Church enough.

Postscript:  This week (mid December 2017), things got even weirder for Hatch.  According to sltrib.com:

In an emailed statement, Hatch lamented the “dysfunction” in Congress, which he said is the “worst in recent memory,” for delays in CHIP [Children’s Health Insurance Program] funding being renewed.

Don’t the Republicans control both houses of Congress.? Isn’t Hatch an alleged important influence in Congress?  Don’t we have the “greatest President that he has served under.”  But yet Hatch laments the “dysfunction” in Congress that the worst he can remember.  Look in the mirror Senator.

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1 Response to Utah’s Senator Orrin Hatch is Disgusting

  1. Parker says:

    I have wondered how Senator Hatch and I can share the same church and graduate from the same university and have such different values. I am often embarrassed that I have those elements in common with him (not to mention numerous other Mormon politicians).

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