Misplaced Concern Over Playground Safety

The sltrib.com recently ran a headline that read:  “About 1,700 Utah elementary students injured yearly on school playgrounds, study says:  Over 3 years, enough students were injured annually to fill 24 school buses.”

Nothing in life is 100 percent safe.  And playgrounds perform a valuable function.  They provide students with important experiences in socialization and the physical activity is important to emotional and physical development.

If anything, I would argue that United States is perhaps making its playgrounds too safe.  School children need challenges.  They need to push themselves.

According to the Tribune article:

Most common activities leading to injuries were playing on bars, 26.5 percent; running, 23.5 percent; and walking, at 6 percent.

Really, running and walking constituted almost 30 percent of the injuries?  These would happen with or without playgrounds.

Old-time Slide and Swing Set

School playground equipment provides a valuable service for our elementary school students.  The Tribune should know better than try and sensationalize the issue of injuries.

Read more on the issue here.

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