“Power to the Crackpots” Really?

I used to have the following political cartoon by Charles Barsotti prominently displayed on a wall in my home.

However, with the election of Donald Trump (whom I didn’t vote for) to be PROTUS, I’m rethinking my political philosophy.  And I have temporarily retired the Barsotti cartoon.

Clearly being a crackpot isn’t nearly enough of a qualification to be President.  A candidate also needs attributes like:

  • having empathy,
  • being a uniter not a divider,
  • not being a racist,
  • having the capacity to recognize and tell the truth,
  • respecting all genders,
  • exhibiting charity,
  • being able to communicate clearly,
  • having a coherent and noble vision for America, etc.

All these attributes are missing from our current “crackpot” President.

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2 Responses to “Power to the Crackpots” Really?

  1. Susan says:

    It’s all subjective. I hope your removal of the “Power to the Crackpots” wall art doesn’t go too far. The world still needs “crackpots”. I hope. I guess crackpots can be viewed as nutty. And they’re willing to think outside the box. So, if you’re run of the mill normal, i.e., make no waves, live life quietly with little fanfare or notice, and stay quiet, you’d never be labeled a “crackpot”. But if you take risks, think beyond normal social mores, and live life “on the edge” you may be labeled a crackpot. So be it. Some people I know may be considered “crackpots”. But they are compassionate, empathetic, wonderful risk takers, i.e., “crackpots”.

    That being said, our current President goes way beyond what is considered to be a “crackpot”. He is a racist, narcissistic, uncharitable person. He makes a normal “crackpot” look like an angel.

  2. rogerdhansen says:

    The post was meant as a critique of Donald Trump (it is difficult for me to call him President Trump). Not as a general critique of crackpots. I still like to publicize and support crackpots, there just has to be limits. And Trump is well outside of any acceptable limits. Thank you for your comment.

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