Old-time Playground in Frenchglenn, Oregon

The small community of Frenchglen, Oregon, is a through-back in time.  Everyplace along the main drag is quaintly old.  And that goes for the schoolhouse.

After my son, 3 granddaughters, and I had a picnic lunch adjacent to the funky old hotel, we wandered over to the town school’s old-time playground area.  The granddaughters, aged 6-10, loved it, particularly the 15′-high swing set.  They were able to launch into sweeping arcs that reached incredible heights above the ground.  There is something is something magical about the back and forth movement of swings that kids love.

15′-high Swing Set at Frenchglen School Playground

The playground also has a double teeter totter and a fairly high slide.  All three of these traditional features of a playground were wildly popular with my granddaughters.

Other Playground Structures at Frenchglen

I doubt you can install swing sets as high as Frenchglen’s anymore.  The slide is probably too high also.  Concerns about safety.  Perhaps our playground restrictions have gone a little too far.  In the interest of safety, perhaps we have taken too much fun out of our playgrounds.  No place can be 100 percent safe all the time.

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