Aren’t There Any Black LDS Members in South Africa?

A recent article in the Deseret News proudly displayed a photograph of Elder Ronald A. Rasband of the LDS Quorum of the Twelve Apostles visiting the construction site of the new Durban South LDS Temple.  Of the 8 individuals in the picture, only one is black.  Really?  Only one is a woman, and she’s white.  Really?  Aren’t there any black members in South Africa?

No one is in any form of traditional African attire.  Everyone but one of the men is in a white shirt and tie.  It looks like a mortician’s confam.  White shirts and ties for touring a construction site?  Really

Who’s running the LDS public relations machine?  The below photograph should have set off some alarms.

Elder Rasband Visiting the Durban South LDS Temple Construction Site

According to the story in the DN, as Elder Rasband stood on the deep red soil outside the future temple, he envisioned the gospel’s unlimited and divinely guided potential across the vast African continent.

I suspect that unless the Church loses its vestiges of colonialism, growth and membership retention in Africa will be limited.

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