Examples of Do-Good Drones

Adapted from NG (Jun 2017)

  • Health-care Delivery (Rwanda):  Medical Centers in the hilly country can order emergency blood supplies by text message and receive them via drone within 30 minutes.
  • Vulture Monitoring (Mongolia):  Drones watch the nests of the world’s largest vulture species to ensure that the population is healthy.
  • Coral Mapping (American Samoa):  In 2013 a Stanford University student created a drone to map coral reefs off Ofu island to assess climatic change’s impact.
  • Peacekeeping (Democratic Republic of the Congo):  The United Nations first deployed drones in peacekeeping mission here in 2013 and has since used them in Mali and the Central African Republic.
  • Mapping Ecosystems (Tanzania):  Here drones are being used to map the Jozani Forest around Zanzibar and study changes.
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