Rebuilding the Navajo Playground in Aneth UT

Years ago, the Aneth Chapter of the Navajo Nation had a playground just north of their Chapterhouse.  The Aneth Chapter is located in the southeastern corner of Utah in the 4-Corners region.

The original playground had fallen into serious disrepair.  It was decided to start the rehab by installing playground equipment (Phase I).  The Chapter used its grader to level the area.

Preparing the Aneth Playground Area

Commercial-quality playground equipment was located on KSL-classified.  It was purchased and transported to the site by Navajo Santa (a SLC-based NGO).  The equipment included: a swing set, a spinner, a circular slide, and a monkey bar set.

Assembling the Monkey Bar Set at the New Aneth Playground

The equipment was installed by a crew hired by the Aneth Chapter.  The monkey bar set was in pieces with no assembly instructions, but the crew was able to figure out the complicated puzzle.  A backhoe was used to lift the playground equipment in place.

The Completed Phase I of the Aneth Playground

Phase I of the playground is now in place.  Future work includes developing the slope that leads down to the general playground area.  This new development will include slides, a climbing wall, fire pole, and terracing.

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1 Response to Rebuilding the Navajo Playground in Aneth UT

  1. Janet Wilcox says:

    I just met Bret Berger last night and he referred me to your blog. I’m glad to see San Juan County has been a recipient of some of your good works. That is awesome!

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