More Playground Equipment for Cesar Vallejo Preschool, Cusco Peru

Today, the Cardenas-Torres family installed some additional playground equipment at the Cesar Vallejo Preschool located in the hills above Cusco, Peru.

Two years ago, my daughter and her husband, my grandson, and I were in Cusco as   tourists.  It turned out that the brother of our guide was (is) a metal fabricator.  We ended up installing a 3-seat swing set at Cesar Vallejo Preschool.

Subsequent to that, we provided the preschool with a laptop and LED projector.  Last Fall, a different grandson and I, while in the Cusco area, provided Vallejo with an outdoor xylophone.

Over the weekend, the C-T family fabricated a climbing tower and monkey bars.  David and Willow installed the equipment today.

Installing Playground Equipment at Cesar Vallejo

Cesar Vallejo Preschool’s Playground with Cusco in the Background

Students and Teachers at Cesar Vallejo Preschool

For more information about the C-T family and the NGO they have organized click here.

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