Jennifer McCullough: Autobiography of a Humanitarian

My name is Jennifer McCullough, proud spouse of an Army officer.  I grew up in New Orleans and in 2001 I said “I do” to an Officer in the US Army.  I have made it a habit that I look for a charity project, usually involving children, at each duty location.  Saying this, we are now stationed in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  We are currently living under a State of Emergency established by the Ethiopian government.  There are pockets of fighting, famine, and unrest throughout the country.  Though everyone living here is impacted by it, it is the innocent children that are effected the most.   Orphanages are opened by people in villages in order to save the lives of the impoverished children.  The kids are being orphaned daily by death of parents due to fighting, starvation or their parents are abandoning them in the markets as they cannot take care of them.   Saying this, there are many orphanages (few are supported by the government) overflowing with children from newborn thru 18 years old.  Since arriving in Addis Ababa in August 2016 and witnessing these challenges, I decided to team up with a US firm named Adoption Avenue who actively works with an orphanage to make a positive impact on children’s lives.

Children at the School/Orphanage near Addis Ababa

During the next two years while my family is assigned to Ethiopia, it is my personal mission to raise awareness about this orphanage and school and to get donations to build them a better future.   My goals are to: 1) Get this school up and running like a Western School and give them the necessary items they need to get the best education they can here 2) Get school supplies, science equipment and outdoor equipment 3)  Build a chicken coop for eggs and meat for themselves and for sale, 4) Create a vegetable garden so they can be self-efficient and 5) Establish seamstress instruction to teach the girls how to sew so that they can have a skill to better themselves.   I know this may seem like a BIG GOAL, but I know I can do it with the help of donations from people like you.  I have started a Facebook page so that friends and family can follow me on my journey and see their donations at work.   You can follow my missions too at:

In Germany (2010), I raised $10,000 to build an extension to an orphanage in Hungary.  In 2012, I raised $18,000 to purchase a pump and drill a well for the children in the Democratic Republic of Congo (  Also, while my husband was deployed to Afghanistan (2006) and Bosnia (2010), I created  “Operation School Bags” where we had 200+ school bags filled with supplies and delivered them to children in rural areas.

For my Ethiopian project, I have established a page: “YouCaring” at  to help the orphanage and to help out the school.  I have spammed my friends and family on Facebook and post daily about the children, but the donations are just trickling in.  These children here are literally starving, have very little, and I cannot do this alone. Please consider becoming a part of the “global village” and make a difference in these young peoples’ lives.

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