LDS Church: Who’s at the Helm of the Ship?

Things continue to be crazy with the LDS Church.  First, there’s LDS Philanthropies who:

. . . published a video featuring a father who said that if his sons continued to follow church teachings, they would keep their inheritance, but otherwise, he would simply donate his money to LDS Philanthropies.  The video was subsequently removed due to backlash.

Second, there is Elder Larry R. Lawrence of the Seventy who wrote an article for the April 2017 Ensign:

. . . that talks about the sacred marriages of gays and lesbians as “counterfeit” within the context of a war with Satan and other very problematic imagery and rhetoric.

And third, not to be outdone, at the April 2017 General Conference, Elder Valeri V. Cordon:

. . . gave an eye-opening speech in which he claimed that if you have to choose between feeding your family and giving money to the Church, your family can wait.

Speaking of the 2017 Spring General Conference, only one talk out of twenty-seven in the course of eight hours over was given by a woman.

If you can find a positive message in all this mess, more power to you.

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